15th November – a quick update!


A quick update from me before the weekend – I have been a busy little bee outside of work, it would seem!

I’m having a go at 23 Things for Research (http://blogs.bodleian.ox.ac.uk/23things/all-about-23-things/), although I am very behind for the moment! Might need to schedule it in alongside my usual CPD time somewhere. I’ve already got on with the things regarding Twitter (and LinkedIn, which is confusing to the uninitiated), but need to crack on with the rest! I did search my name to see what came up (in terms of my ‘personal brand’), but I didn’t seem to appear anywhere near the top of any Google search, if at all. I think this is because my surname is a very dull and oft-used word, rather than a name. I suspect this may also be because people seem to like calling their dogs and horses Maddie, and the internet prefers finding those! (Not sure if I should be offended…?!)

A ticket for Library Camp ’13 has also come up, so I shall be scooting off to Birmingham’s swanky new library at dawn on Saturday the 30th! I think it will be a lot of fun, and it’ll be good to meet other library bods and Graduate Trainees. However, it’s all about participation as well as the networking, so I need to think of something zeitgeist to talk about… argh! Will let the blog-o-sphere know.

I am also off to London this weekend to see a friend, and have booked us both tickets to see the Georgians Revealed exhibition at the British Library! I am very excited about this: not sure if Max will be, but he’s got a ticket now, haha!


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